Sunday, December 20, 2015

Software Defined Networking and the Cloud

This article - - lays out some Google thinking about their evolution towards SDN. I imagine the thinking is similar for Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and anyone else running global-scale clouds.

Its an interesting read, I think, to get a glimpse of how scaled computing infrastructure will develop over the next several years.

Google (significant cloud vendors in general probably) can't address requirements for network scalability, performance, and management with off the shelf router and other network hardware, certainly not at costs that are anywhere near reasonable. This suggests that Juniper, Cisco's etc... business models are capped, and makes you wonder about other hardware infrastructure providers.

If innovation, function & performance are benefits enjoyed by large cloud vendors due to their economies of scale leveraged by proprietary design & investment, then companies that don't go to the cloud may be disadvantaged.

(image thanks to weknowyourdreams)

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