Friday, July 31, 2015

Open Source - not just code

Open source isn't just abut code, and hasn't been for quite a while. Open source in "knowledge domains" continues to gain momentum. Here are two powerful examples:

1. Via - Why state and local governments are increasingly embracing open source:

2. Via @samim at Medium - GitXiv - Collaborative Open Computer Science:

Both examples improve access to important knowledge via git and GitHub. Git is a great configuration management tool that is decentralized and works very well with text-based documents and GitHub provides a centralized watering-hole where people know to meet and find information.

Regarding government's adoption of open source and GitHub, the guys at 18F in the GSA have done a good job providing guidance for good practice using GitHub, see:

While I've worried about the irony of GitHub's success as a centralized repository store for an essentially decentralized, distributed tool the value GitHub offers as a place to find data can't be denied.

I suppose at some point, GitHub will need to similarly evolve its "social coding" tagline. After all, its likely that a lot of GitHub's future expansion will be in domains additional to coding.

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