Friday, July 10, 2015

is Git taking over the world?

So here are three articles that taken together suggest that Git has all the momentum in the world right now.

First, a large funding round coming for GitHub?

Second, GitLab gets a generous seed round to expand:

Third, I see that Google has incorporated Git repositories, called Cloud Source Repositories, into its cloud platform, including a free repo within each project:

Git's distributed architecture is an excellent match with most development work flows today, and the growth of GitHub as a public repository for all sorts of code, data, and documents has fueled people's use of git in general. Google's incorporation of git directly into cloud platform foreshadows more seamless integration of development, testing, and deployment. Pull requests are a key feature enabling git's utility.

Don't mistake GitHub's valuation and popularity as a benefit of a centralized approach, rather what is centralized is the social community and watering hole of open projects. Decentralization is still core to all the workflows and allows software repos to be resilient and easy to share, fork, clone, push, update, pull and pull request, merge, etc...

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