Tuesday, June 09, 2015

dynamic tension between security and openness

This probably understates the costs considering the inefficiency costs of a balkanized fragmented internet:


Look! Golden eggs! Grab the goose quick...

Not saying I'm against security, but its complicated and a short-term grab for security will result in more insecurity in future, while raising the costs for, if not outright eliminating, other possible important benefits. just sayin'. Given the political climate, probably no other outcome likely. Sadly. 

Perhaps TPP and TISA etc.... will mandate that if you trade with the USA and want to benefit from it's economy and market you'll need to accept its internet services and information technology no holds barred, without restraint. This will be interesting to watch going forward.

There needs to be a dynamic tension between considerations of security and openness. Thats the only way to arrive at the best solution, IMO.

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