Monday, January 20, 2014

Is the TPP undemocratic?

Sure seems like it - if this take is accurate maybe we need a broader discussion. A snippet below from a worrisome article posted on:

snip - "But the TPP is not really a “trade” treaty at all. Rather, it is a vehicle for corporate lobbyists to achieve what they have been unable to persuade legislators to support through normal means. For example, pharmaceutical companies have insisted that the TPP force all countries to grant 12-year patents on prescription drugs – increasing their profits while delaying competition from cheaper generic versions. Likewise, tobacco companies are seeking to use the TPP to prohibit developing countries – which represent the largest cigarette markets – from adopting new controls on their products. 
The TPP’s most controversial provision, if adopted, would allow private corporations to sue foreign governments for adopting policies that adversely affect their expected profits. For example, if Vietnam were to mandate six weeks of paid maternity leave for all employees, a foreign factory owner might sue the government, insisting that it either repeal the law or reimburse the company for the cost of providing this benefit. A private tribunal would hear cases and issue binding rulings, with no possibility of appeal to any court or other democratically accountable authority." - Gordon Lafer

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