Thursday, October 24, 2013

routing around surveillance?

There's an old internet saying that the Internet routes around censorship. Maybe true, maybe not. Now we'll see experiments in routing around surveillance.

This will set up a whole new spy-vs-spy tech arms race, I suppose. As will a lot of the innovation taking place in secure communications, also as detailed in the WashPost blog entry.

While we're at it, lets note the Internet security community looks to be re-evaluating existing standards and technologies, Matthew Green advocates for auditing TrueCrypt:

I guess one way or another we'll have some form or another of the civil liberties vs. surveillance debate that's probably overdue. NSA and other government agencies need to work hard to keep us safe, no disagreement there, just support in fact. Seems like it may need to be done with thoughtful involvement by the branches of government that also stand for the constitutional rights of citizens. Which is not unreasonable, once the emotion of the moment settles.

I think we're entering a new phase of the post-9/11 world. This is gonna be interesting. Whats next? Maybe this:

[thanks to Mario Bordieri and deviantart for the spy-vs-spy image:]

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