Sunday, January 20, 2013

hackathons are hard

Jamie Smyth writes a spot-on post about some of the issues involved with corporate hackathons, here:

Having been involved with a few hackathons, as either participant or organizer, I can say that marshaling and sharing developer enthusiasm is a great thing.   But, paying attention to the fine-print details is pretty important too, and these details include not only treating devs fairly if corporations are involved, but making sure that IP rights are clearly defined for the event.

Paying attention to an IP policy is important even if corporations are not involved, just so people know what the rules are.  For example, if something good comes out of the hackathon, you don't want to have a potential funder worrying about IP ownership issues associated with other hackathon attendees, or even the hackathon sponsors making a claim in the future.

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