Thursday, September 08, 2011

app engine pricing

So, App Engine announced new pricing.  It looks to be more expensive, and many would say this is an understatement.    It is more expensive, and/but you can probably take some steps to manage and design for the pricing model.  What you need to keep in mind is that "instances" are now a fundamental pricing component, where they weren't before.  Managing instances thru latency and caching to reduce instance use are directions you need to consider.  Here are two useful articles:

Look at using caching and datastore more efficiently, and use the Admin console to experiment with the scheduler.  In particular, the "Lower Max Idle Instances" is a good place to start.   Check the managing-resources article above for more details.  I expect that more information will be forthcoming as well.

UPDATE:  I expected more, but who knew this soon. From Peter Magnusson who is director of the AppEngine team, read his Google+ post for more context. 

Minor note: glad to see Python 2.7 about to be rolled out.

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